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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Monday, April 18, 2005

Scarves and hoodies Oh My!

I am in love! I picked up the Spring '05 Vogue Knitting mag last night and found this.
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It's calling me. Dana.....Dana....knit know you want to. I'm thinking of doing it in TLC Cotton Plus. You know, if I hurry I can have it done in time for the beach.

Neo has been on hold for a couple days. I needed a quick project fix, so I am making the heart scarf from Knitty's breast canser issue. It's knitting up nicely in the dusty rose chamonix I bought the other day. It's half way done and if I press on I can finish it today.

Lil un and I are over our colds, but he kept throwing up yesturday so I am keeping him close to home. We'll probably go out and play a bit later. It's supposed to be quite warm today.


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