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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Thursday, April 14, 2005

SP and stuff

I got my Knitty secret pal today. I am looking forward to finding just the right stuff for her. We seem to have so much in common. Cooknknit did an awesome job picking. I already have a few ideas about gifts.

I'm almost done with the back of Neopolitan. Then I can seam it up and check the fit.
The sleeves shouldn't be much of a problem. I just need to work out the top bind off. Depending on how the neckline hangs it will either need a croched border or a ribbed one. Hopefully a ribbed one will do, because my crochet skills are practically nonexsistant.

I've been craving Japanese food all day. Esspecially some Hibachi Steak with that yummy ginger sauce and some fried dumplings dipped in tempura sauce. Oh so yummy. I went to an awesome Chinese/ Japanese place in Knightdale, named Fuji China. It was good and inexpensive, my favorite combination.

Lil'un seems to be getting over his cold pretty well. His appatite has returned somewhat. He ate a whole taco yesturday. That's a lot at one sitting for him


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