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Friday, April 08, 2005

HTML crazyness

I may be getting the hang of this blogging thing afterall. Notice my pretty new buttons and the nice profile. My hair isn't really pink anymore, but I like the picture and it was handy. Notice the web ring...YAY!. I finished piece two of the mystery sweater. Only 6 more pieces to go...sigh. Not tonight, though, I have a headache and tomorrow starts early. I think sometime this weekend I will try to post a picture of my purple hat along with the pattern.

I ordered the issue of Cast On with the Great Gatsby shawl in it. Maybe I'll join the Shawl KAL on Knitty's Coffeeshop. I want to use my KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in tide pool. I've been itching to use it for some time, but couldn't find a pattern I really liked.


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