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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

VK hoodie fun

I started the VK hoodie last night. I'm using TLC cotton plus in kiwi. It has a twist in it with a bit of sheen and knit up to gauge on the first try. It's meant to be I tell ya. The pattern is quite challenging. The lace edge is worked over 34 stiches and has a 32 row repeat. I may end up putting it in chart form. I adore the construction. The entire front and hood is done in one piece. To change from hood to front and from one side to the other the stockinette sts are bound off and then cast back on on the other side of the lace. It was so unique I just had to make it.

I finished the heart scarf yesturday. It just needs to be blocked. I'll wash and block it right before I wrap it this fall. I want to make sure any of the smoky smell that permiates the house is not in the scarf. I'll try to take a picture of it sometime.


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