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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Friday, May 13, 2005


The VK cardi is officially done. I even worked in all the ends. Except for some questionable seaming, it is perfect. I was going to wear it to work tomorrow, but I've been given the day off. Oh well, I'll just have to find somewhere to wear it before the day gets to warm. I'll have to borrow the camera from dad tomorrow and post some pics. I used seven skeins of TLC cotton Plus on sizes 5 and 6 needles and, unlike many Vogue patterns, there seems to be no problem with the pattern.

I need a quick project before I start Gatsby or Neo. I think the girls shrugs will do nicely. I'll at least do one of them. I think I'll make the free ribbed shrug from IK summer 05' for one girl and A Good Bias from spring IK 05' for the other one. The ribbed shrug will be in Caron Simply Soft in Paisley Print. I'm not sure about the Bias one. I'm thinking about either the left over Cotton Plus or maybe some pink I picked up at the thrift store. I also have that silver microspun. It depends on how much yarn it takes.

EDIT: Here's a scan of the ribbed shrug swatch. The colors aren't very accurate. Think strong jewel tone.
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