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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Front Finished and Sping Cleaning

Turn up the music and break out the Margaritas; I finished the front of VK hoodie. Woohoo! It takes so little to excite me sometimes. I'll get pictures next time I can get ahold of a camera. I cast on the back and will hopefully finish it in a couple of days. Not the week and a half the front took. I picked up yet another ball of yarn for it because the front took every bit of three balls and I just had 8 balls total. That and I'm paranoid. So far so good.

My Uncle finally sent me the girls measurments for shrugs. It only took a couple weeks :P . I think I'll use Caron Simply Soft in Paisley Print that I already have in my stash. Now to come up with a pattern... They are going to be Christmas presents. I hope the girls like them.

In other than knitting news, we are spring cleaning. Hubby, Lil'un, and I burned yard waste and started filling the horrible holes in the back yard. We got a new septic tank and drain field a while back and the fella who installed it never came back to fill in the sink holes (Grumble Grumble). Anyway, Mr B, a friend of ours, came by and heped out as well and we had a nice day of it. Lil'un even had his little shovel and wheelbarrow out and helped shift gravel. Very cute!

Today is laundry and computer room cleaning day. We're just taking a bit of abreak now.

Oh, almost forgot, I've started my SP shopping. I have so many neat ideas. I only hope she likes them.


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