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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lessons Learned

Do you ever notice that the best projects teach you something? Today, I learned not to leave my child alone in a room with slime. Slime is a semi sticky toy that farts when you push on it. It also sticks in hair like bubblegum. Fortunately, unlike bubblegum, it comes out with soap and water. Ok, that's not a project, but I did learn something. I'm leading up to learning stuff from knitting projects.

Project: LB Homespun and Funfur capelet
Lesson: Learn how to bind off properly. It was bound off so tightly I couldn't get it over my head. It ended up going to my boss' daughter, who loves it.

Project: Mariah
Lesson: GAUGE Live it. Love it. Remeasure it. Mariah was huge and kinda lumpy. :sigh: That one hurt. Also, zippers are EVIL. That is all.

Project: AV Cardi.
Lesson: Never, I repeat never, replace a cotton blend with all non-mercurized all cotton. Remember, cotton garments are subject to droop. Also, learn how to spot your place in a lace pattern by sight.

Project: VK Cardi
Lesson: For goodness sakes, learn how to seam. Please.

Project: Gatsby
Lesson: A stitch in time saves nine. In other words, a small frog now can prevent a large frog later. Be vigilant.

Maybe someday, with enough practice, I'll be an awesome knitter.

I've decided today that I need a French Market Bag. My current knitting bag looks like I picked it up out of the tacky dumpster. I even already have enough wool. I think I'll take that, Neo ,and Gatsby to the beach.

ETA: Knitty Suprise! None for me though. Trellis is adorable and I wish I had had Peek a boob back when I was nursing. It's probably a good thing. I have enough on my plate as is.


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