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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

SP goodness and pictures galore

My Secret Pal sent me a wonderful package.
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She sent me some yummy Noro, a bunch of awesome stitch markers, some cute ladybug and safari animal buttons, a sparkly princess journal and some sparkly body powder. Here's a somewhat better picture of the Noro:
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I have such a nice SP. Thank You!!!

Here's my recent FO's. I'm gearing up for Christmas presents, if you can't tell.
First up is a New York Yarns Wild Thing scarf. It's the flamingo colorway and I added a dk. green fingering weight yarn.
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Next I have the Knitty heart scarf made of Jager Chamonix. Unfortionatly, they have discontinued Chamonix, it's super soft.

Image hosted by lace cap from Midnight Knitters pattern. I just need to crochet a flower.

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Ballet top from Loop D Loop. It only took one day to make. The only change I made was a round of single crochet along the bottom to minimize curling. Awesome pattern; I am definatly making some for Christmas presents.

I'm making the front border on Gatsby. Here it is freshly off the needles.
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I'm also making another French Market Bag. It's made from some dyed Wool of the Andes. This time it's going to be deeper.
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Finally I'm making Angelina from some hollyberry Merino Style. Not much to see, but:
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  • At 3:59 PM, Blogger Laura said…

    the ballerina top looks lovely! And it fits so well. Gatsby also looks fantastic. Any chance of seeing a close up of Gatsby's lace pattern?


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