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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Knit Crochet Shawl update!

I'm on line 42 of 57 of the chart on my shawl. With any luck it will be ready to block tomorrow, and boy does it need it. The middle of the lace pattern draws up and pulls the whole thing out of shape. Fortunatly, I'm making it out of wool, so blocking will be no problem. Knitdamsel is also making this shawl. It's neat seeing someone elses progress, kinda like a mini KAL.

I'm going to try to get an early start tomorrow so I can get to my parents, take pictures, and block my Gatsby shawl. They have room so I can block it on the carpet. But I need to get to the dump first. Call me crazy, but the dump is neat. Sometimes you find eally good stuff. I found a nice tricycle there once and a coffee table.

Oh, anyone want to buy a car, cheap. It's an 85' Chevette. It runs, but there is a glitch in the electrical system. It keeps having these power surges; the headlights blew out and the radio kinda caught fire. It also has some minor body damage. We're only looking for a couple hundred bucks. It'd make a good parts car.
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