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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Haikus and walking sticks

Hello all, Haiku is coming along kind of slowly, mostly because it's kinda boring and too hot here. I just need to make sleeves. Here's my progress:
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I also am working halfheartedly on a Top Down raglan (TDR). I'm using that jumbo skein of selfstriping boucle and YOs for the raglan seam. I may do something fancy on the sleeves with the left over Haiku yarn and I think I'll put some shaping at the center or something.
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I think I figured out what to make one of my cousins for Christmas. It's from 05 Summer VK. I'm going to use some recycled hot pink chenille.
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While cleaning my room I found an old walking stick I made from a sapling in the back field. I used a wood burner on it with a dogwood motif and initials.
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