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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Vogue Knits

I found the new Vogue at the Borders the other day. One word, Gorgeous.
I love the eyelet top, Anne Modesitt's round jacket, the colorful shawl, the stripey cardi, the men's fair isle pullover, the basketweave and ribbed vest, the cape from the ad section, and the fuzzy, pink hoodie . I also can see mom wearing the shawl collard, belted cardigan. Maybe I'll make her one for Christmas. He skirt is pretty, but I don't think knitted skirts are a good idea, even if they are Koigu. The yellow cardigan is nice too, but I'd rather just do a shorter version of the Cabled Riding jacket in LDL. The cables on it are way cooler.
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It's a real breath of freash air after the last couple lackluster knitting mags I have seen. Even Interweave's fall issue was mostly a dissapointment. Now, all I need is more time and money... *looks around hopefully*


  • At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Michelle said…

    Thank you for posting these pictures, I hadn't seen the new issue yet.

    Love the Riding Jacket.


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