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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wonderful SP

My delightful SP has sent me the Rogue and celtic cap patterns. She is also sending me something through the mail. I can't wait to see what it is! My next project just might be the celtic cap.

Things have been pretty unsettled around here. Money has been tight and some neglected bills are coming back to bite us. Hubby is not the best at money ,so I have been put solely in charge of finances. Ugh! It won't be so bad if I can dig us out. Hubby is on an allowance for the moment and no yarn buying for me. Thank goodness I have a stash. On top of that there is a chance that hubby will be offered a new job in he next year. It will be in Belhaven NC, aka middle of nowhere. But the pay will be a good bit higher, the cost of living lower, and a place to stay may be included. I wouldn't mind getting out of this house; it gets me down sometimes. It's hard to heat and cool and it never looks clean (even when it is). MIL has been driving me up the wall with worry. I don't blame her, but it drives me crazy, nonetheless. Oh well, enough kvetching.

Not too much going on on the knitting front. I finished FMB #2 It's bigger, but really needs to be felted a bit more. I'll send it through again eventually. I started a sweater for lil'un out of some stash Cotton Plus in the Jazz colorway. I'm using the Handy Guide of Sweater Patterns and am adding my own design to it. I'll post it when I'm done. Next, I think I'll finally bite the bullet and finish Neo.

I'm having a major yard sale on Sat July 16th. No yarn, but I will be parting with some fabric, baby clothes, maternity clothes, furniture, old stuff (I live in an old house) a bread machine, clothes, and a lot more. If you're in the Raleigh NC area drop me a line and I'll give directions. I'll bake brownies :)

BTW, I want to give Knitdamsel a mention. She finished her VK shawl and it looks great. Go take a look. There's a convenient link on my sidebar.


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