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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Thursday, August 11, 2005

sleeves are boring

I'm 11" along on the sleeves of my Medallion cardi. *cue whiney voice* Soooo boring. I need 7 more inches before I can shape the sleeve cap.
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Every other project I can think of looks really good right now. But I must finish, if I stop I might never pick it up again and that would be a shame.

The next project is going to be a haiku made out of Autumn Red Caron Simply Soft. No twee pastels for me. It's for my boss' new baby, due in January. Pretty, pretty yarn
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I'll probably also make some booties or socks and a hat.

I found a new (to me anyway) yarn in pretty, pretty colorways. It's a brown sheep yarn called Wildfoote. I have one skein of bluegrass colorway that I will combine with some leftover green I have to make some half finger gloves. Sometime...eventually. I also scoped out the color selection at Great Yarns for the Turkish shawl in VK. I need 10 colors in sport weight! The frontrunner so far is Smart Superwash. I'd have bought them today, if I'd have actually had money. *shrug*
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