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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Front Done! and new yarn

The Scarlett Purlpernil

In the past three days I have finished the left ad right front and started the back of Mariah. If you haven't already noticed, I am saving the other sleeve till last. I want to be able to yoke after I finish that thing. I decided against pockets. I'm scared it will clutter the front up too much.

I made my way across town today to Great Yarns...Oh how I wish I had money. They had gorgeous Manos, and smokey Mtn yarns. The SMYs were around $45/ skein :faint:. They did have some pretty Cascade 220 and lovely Koigu. I bought two skeins of King Cole Luxury Mohair I'm thinking of pairing it with a few other random yarns in my stash and makind=g a shawl or something. I'm thinking of periwinkle luxury cashmere aran, silver microspun, and maybe some teal or purple chenille, and some recycled royal blue angora. Basically whatever strikes my fancy

Monday, February 07, 2005

One Sleeve Done!

The Scarlett Purlpernil

I finished my first sleeve last night. I need to get my hands on a camera! Let's see one sleeve only took me four days... sigh. Fortunately the sleeves are the hard part; mostly I just really want to wear my sweater. Ah well, on to the left front.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Cable Troubles and pockets

The Scarlett Purlpernil

YIKES! I have done all my cabling backwards! Thankfully, I like the look so I will press on with backwards cables.

I'm thinking about pockets. I would really like some nice patch ones, maybe with a bit of knotwork on them. Hoodies without pockets just seem unnatural somehow.


I'm going to put all my KAL buttons here:

Thursday, February 03, 2005


The Scarlett Purlpernil

I cast on Mariah last night. It's being made out of Wool Ease in Blue Mist because that's what I already own. The original was done out of a recycled sweater. That must have been one hella big sweater to get 1700 or so yards out of it.

I must learn how to cable without a needle. I found a tutorial here, so I will experiment. It looks pretty easy.

Fuzzy feet are also on the needles. I'm not in a huge hurry for them though. Hopefully they will be done in a week or so.
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