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Dana's Adventures in Knitting

Sunday, January 30, 2005

New FO's

The Scarlett Purlpernil
I made the Spiderweb capelet from SnBN in the purple Red Heart Symphony It was so easy! I made it in a day.
I also need to make a scarf and hat set for my friends little boy. His birthday is coming up. They have moved around alot and he doesn't have any really nice stuff, so I thought a nice handmade cold weather set would be nice. I'm knitting the scarf longways and striping it with green, brown, black, and two varigated yarns. His favorite colors are green and purple, so I think he'll really like it. I did the scarf yesturday, but I made it way too long. I'll just keep this one and knit him another.

I finished my fingerless gloves. They turned out nice, but not as neat as I like. The ends keep wanting to work their way out.

Next I need to get mom's fuzzy feet on the needles. She does a lot for me and did buy the yarn. (It's a pretty blue twist) I will start them after I finish DJ's hat and scarf. My MIL and I are also doing dishcloths for the church craft sell next fall. So when I need a quick project I will whip some out.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Scarlett Purlpernil

The Scarlett Purlpernil
Took apart the sweater I wanted to make Mariah out of last night. I'm about 500 yds short :P I'll make another sweater out of it. It's too nice to waste. I think I may wait a few weeks on Mariah and order some Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks

I learned how to do a Norwegian Purl. You purl with the yarn to the back! Very cool. I already knit continental, so it wasn't that different.

The next project I do needs to be some fingerless gloves. (the type with half fingers) My poor little hands get so cold in the house. I'm going to use some Magic Stripes sock yarn. I tried the Hooray for Me gloves from MML but I couldn't seem to meet guage. Knitlist has a promising pattern on its site.

Worked a bit on Shapely today, but I'm putting it aside until my gloves are done Brrrr!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hello All

Hi, I have decided to start a knitting blog. I will start adding pictures as soon as I find my camera.

Let's see I am currently working on shapely tank, ruffles from Scarf Style and Variation on a Frill. Starting febuary 1st I'll start Mariah as a KAL.

I just finished Fuzzy Feet, a shawl for my hubby with an iron cross on the back, and, chunky knit hat.

I hope shapely comes out OK. I wasn't paying attention when I bought the yarn and bought worsted instead of DK. I almost never use the reccamended yarn. I hope my recalculations are right.

Variation is on hold because the main pattern on it is driving me up the wall. I have had to frog it to the frill 4 times. It's pretty though. i am making it out of lion brand microspun in silver (50% off YAY!) I will finish it though.

Ruffles is my traveling project. It fits in my purse. I am making it out of some wonderful hand dyed wool. Its stripey in scarlett, grey, black, and pink. Wonderful, but slow.

I am trying to recycle a big royal blue angora/wool sweater into Mariah, but I am not sure if I will get the yardage I need. My only other real option is some pretty WoolEase in Blue Mist. I like the color, but I hear WE doesn't wear especially well.

Has anyone tried Knit Picks yarn? I would like to try some. I would use it on Mariah, but I am broke :sigh:
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